Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bitten By the Planner Bug

I have gotten bitten by the planner bug! It started a couple months ago, but at the time, I had a cheap planner that was not very useful.  But I started looking on Pinetrest and YouTube and got a ton of information.  Well, on April 15th, I ordered the brand new MAMBI Happy Planner. It is an early birthday present from my husband.  I received it on Monday, April 20th and have been playing around with it ever since. So far, I am loving it! 

Well, here is the first half of the week.  Sorry it is so grainy.  I took the picture in low light. Hopefully you can get the gist of it. I am still playing around with things, trying to see what will work for me. I still don't have a lot of planning stickers, I will probably get more for my birthday in May.  I do have some washi tape, lots of scrapbooking stickers (some will work, so will not), some cheap stickers and some great planner stamps. On this side, I used mostly washi tape, and some of those stickers you can pick up cheap at like Walmart, or Meijers or where ever it was.  Can't remember which place I got them. The washi tape made great little flags to draw attention to things I need to do. 

On this side I used my stamps, made some homemade stickers, more washi tape and cheap stickers. The homemade stickers were easy.  I just used those cheap little Avery white removeable stickers, colored them in with a Sharpie and then used a stamp on them. The little grocery cart and the pill bottle are examples of that. I also stamped on white removeable stickers with the pink ink for the hydration and the meal planning part. I didn't want to stamp directly on the planner in case I messed up.  I love the cute little garden id sticker.  It came from a Hello Kitty sticker set I got at Walmart. It is cute to designate when I need to work in the garden.  Unfortunately, there are not enough of them to use all season. 

Some things I plan to change: 
  • I plan to do my meal planning and hydration differently once I can get some stickers. This is just taking up too big of area.  I think I am going to get a narrow sticker or a small sticker for meal planning and then maybe a weekly hydration sticker for the side bar instead of having it every day.  If I don't do that, I will probably get a narrower sticker or one of those stickers where it is just a small bottle and you color it in as you drink more. I am still deciding.
  • I am not going to continue to write package delivery info on the side. It just takes up too much room. I think I will just use a small sticker to show when a package is suppose to be delivered. 
Some things I like:
  • So far I am liking the "morning, afternoon, and evening" headers. I know a lot of ladies change them, but I like how it tells me what I need to do next.  I don't know. I will probably sometimes cover it up, but I doubt I will most of the time. 
  • I like sectioning off the weekend with thin washi tape. The Monday- Sunday format throws me off some, so it does help to remind me that the weekend is blocked off.

Some things I plan to do:
  • Order more stickers!!! Etsy is full of cute planner stickers.  I think they will help me get organized.  
  • Add some motivational stuff intermittently. I need the reminders. :) 
  • Add Bible study, prayer and stuff to my planner. It will help remind me. 
Here is one more picture:
The front cover of my Happy Planner

So, there is my new planner and this weeks set up.  I hope to continue to show my weekly spreads. If you would like to see more, please follow this blog to get up-dates!  Please feel to share this on Pinterest, just please make sure it links back to this blog post. And last but not least, please leave me a comment! I love hearing from you. Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

12 Ways to Find Rest and Renew Your Spirit

I'll be honest, I am terrible at finding rest. For years, I have pushed myself and I have a lot of health problems to show for it. I think a lot of people living in the western world have this problem. So much is going on around us, that our minds and bodies are just going, going, going... I think the rise in chronic disease is a symptom of this phenomenon. I think mothers/ wives in particular have this problem because they feel guilty about taking time for themselves. I know, especially when my kids were little, it was almost like I felt I didn't have a right to take a break or something. I truly hope you will find ways to rest and renew your spirit before you end up like me, with many health problems. Now, I am forced to find new ways of living, to try to reduce stress and to give myself a better quality of life. I hope these tips will help you.
  1. Honor the Sabbath day.  There is a reason God told us to take a break every week, we need time to rest! Our bodies were not made to go without rest.  Even God Himself rested on the 7th day and we were made in His image. Use this day to rest, relax and renew your spirit.
  2. Get 7-9 hours of sleep. Yeah, this should be a no brainer, but if we are honest with ourselves, when time is short, what is one of the first things to go... our sleep.  Again, I stress, our bodies were made to have to rest! If we keep trying to shave off an hour here and an hour there, eventually our bodies will start breaking down.  We need our sleep! If you have a young baby at home that is still waking up throughout the night, nap when the baby does if at all possible. Housework can wait.  Ask for help from someone. You are no good to your family if you are exhausted.  I know, because I lived like that for years and about collapsed.
  3. Read your Bible.  The Bible is more than just a guide book, it is God speaking to us.  He is the creator of the universe, so He knows a thing or two... lol!!! His word will refresh our soul and give us the much needed break that our bodies need.
  4. Pray!!! Take time to speak to your Father. Let Him know you are weary.  Talk to Him about your troubles.  Let Him know you need more time to yourself. Ask Him how you can get more rest.  Praying should be something that is done daily, not only talking, but also listening. If you are too busy to pray, then you are way too busy.  Cut something out.
  5. Exercise daily. Besides rest, our bodies were also made to move!  We were not created to sit in chairs for 8 hours a day. Getting daily exercise even helps us sleep better at nights and gives us more energy through out the day. If you are in a job that requires you to sit for long periods of time, then make sure you get up every hour or two to just move around if at all possible.  Make sure you move around during your breaks, your lunch time or even take a moment to run to the rest room and do some stretches while you are at it. Mothers of young children can get their children moving with them.  Put on some praise music and dance around.  See who can do the goofiest dance. Use housework as an opportunity to move.  Put a timer on 15 minutes and everyone run around like crazy picking up as much stuff as they can before the timer goes off. However you do it, just make sure you get your exercising in!
  6. Take a walk around the block a few times.  Take in some fresh air... get some sunshine and exercise all at once.  Even better, take time to pray while you are walking.  If you have small kids, either take them with you while walking or ask husband or older kid to watch them while you go take a 20 minute walk.  If your kids are older, why not use this as a time to spend with hubby... After dinner, leave the kids with clean up and you and your husband go take a short walk. 
  7. Grow a garden. Getting back to nature can help refresh you.  Plus you get sunlight, fresh air, exercise and if you are growing organic vegetables, you get healthy food out of it too.  There is just something special about growing a garden that helps renew the soul. 
  8. Hike in nature... in the woods, in the mountains, by a stream, on the beach... This one may take a bit more planning and may not be able to be used as often, but not much refreshes your spirit quite as much as getting back to God's creation. You can even take your Bible with you and find a nice quiet spot to sit and read.
  9. Do Christian yoga. Ok, this one is a bit more controversy.  Here is my opinion on Christian yoga.  I know that yoga moves are good for the body and is relaxing to it and with my health problems, I know yoga is especially recommended... BUT I do not believe that the Hindu religious stuff that goes along with yoga is good for my soul  That is where Christian yoga comes in.  The moves and stretches are similar to yoga, but instead of "clearing your mind" and reflecting on Hinduism, in Christian yoga, you are meditating on the Word of God and reflecting on God. So to me, that is the a great alternative.  I get to stretch out and help my body, but at the same time, I get to soak in the Word of God. The Christian Yoga that I use is called PraiseMoves.  If you are interested in something live this, I recommend you check it out.
  10. Read a book.  When I really, really need a break, I love to curl up to a good book. I personally like Christian, historical, romance novels, but whatever your love is, take some time out to enjoy it.  Even better if you can squeeze in some time daily for it. 
  11. Watch a great movie like Mom's Night Out. I admit, I love movies.  I don't indulge in tv/ movies a lot, but I do spend about an hour a day enjoying some show with my husband.  BUT when I am really stressed, sometimes watching something will take my mind off the troubles.  I particularly love the movie Mom's Night Out for this because it is hilarious, it has a good message and it lets me know that it is ok that I am not a perfect mom and wife, but that God made me who I am.  Can you get better that that? Another new favorite of mine, especially if you have young adult children that are itching to fly is the movie Grace Unplugged.
  12. Take a break and do something fun like scrapbooking, make jewelry, draw, knit, ect. I know I have had trouble finding time for my passions in life, but sometimes you really need to take time for yourself and have some fun. If you are always "sacrificing" for others, then you will come to resent it.  That doesn't mean you neglect your duties.  I mean, you shouldn't sit there and scrapbook while your child is sitting in a dirty diaper or screaming because they need fed.  It is all about balance.  After you have the necessities done, try to take some time for you, because your health and well being is necessary too. (Yes, Mom's Night Out taught me that! lol!!!)
I hope you will find some things on this list that you can do for yourself daily.  It is so important to take of you.  I neglected myself for so long and I regret it.  Now I am having to make up for that time as I try to heal years of damage to my body.  Please tell me, what do you do to relax and renew your spirit??? I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment and let me know. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Free Event!!!

Are you one of the millions of people that suffer from gut health issues or have an auto-immune condition?  Then I want to tell you about a FREE, yes, I said FREE week long seminar to naturally address gut issues (and autoimmune issues) with diet and other natural health remedies.  Each day there will be about 4-5 presenters discussing various topics related to gut (and autoimmune) health.  It is free to register and attend online. Beware though, you only have 24 hours to hear each presenter.  Each day, they will have a new set of topics. Some of the topics include: "Clean Eating for Gut Health", "Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Illness, and Pain", " Nutritional Superstars: Fermented Foods", "Gut Solutions for Weight Loss", and so much more.  You need to hurry though, because the seminar begins on February 9, 2015. 

I am looking forward to attending this seminar!!!  In fact, I am planning on buying the seminar so I can own a copy of it because gut (and autoimmune) health is so important to me. Gut health is a big problem in my family and I need all the help I can get and I want us to heal naturally, not be kept on conventional meds for the rest of our lives. Plus, I suffer from several autoimmune conditions, so this information is really important to me. I have heard a couple of the speakers before like Dr. Axe and J.J. Virgin and I was really impress with what they had to say. If you are like me, and you feel that owning a copy of the seminar is important for your family, then click here, to learn the details. There is a 30 day money back garauntee, so you have nothing to loose.  But I know I won't be returning it!  I have done some of these seminars in the past and they are a wealth of information. That is why I am thankful I will finally get a chance to own one of them since I have made my hand sore in the past taking notes! lol!!! So don't forget, if you don't plan to buy it, do not forget to have a notebook handy!!! 

Again, to register for free: click here
To buy the seminar: click here

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Health Update

I have been on the medication for 4 days.  My health is improving. To read about my illness, go to Very Sick...  I am still really tired and taking it easy, but the nausea and fever are gone. The pain in my side is getting better too. I am still very frustrated with this setback in my health goals, but I am ok.  I got blood work results from my doctor back that showed my diabetes is being well controlled (with some medication), but I am slightly anemic. I know my immune system is going to be down for a bit, so I need to avoid large crowds and sick people.  As soon as I am done with the antibiotic, I am going to begin my probiotics again.  I am already taking Vitamin D and garlic to try to help. I am also really grumpy because of the medication and my temper is shorter (one of the side-effects unfortunately). I know this is all in God's hands. In the meanwhile, I will keep trying to improve my health.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Very Sick

I am very sick.  I am writing this, because I plan to write about my progress of getting well... Apparently, all the bugs and flu have cause my immune system to get all out of whack and one of my auto-immune conditions to flare up to a point I can't treat it naturally or with food. I was starving and after I dropped 3 more pounds over night, I knew I had to see the doctor. I have been put on a form of prednisone and an antibiotic. The goal is to get me over the hump and then for me to continue to try to heal through food and natural ways. I hate having to go on this medication. *sigh* But I also knew I was in danger and if I didn't act fast, I could be in serious danger. I am trying to see this as just a minor set back.  I know God is in control.  As soon as I am off the meds, I need to really start focusing on my diet. Hopefully, I will finally have the strength and energy to do it. In the meanwhile, I am happy to say, I did get a major kick start to my diet. I have lost a total of 14 pounds since I got sick.  Yeah, I don't recommend loosing it this way... lol!!! But I guess I have to look on the bright side of it. So, I only have 6 more pounds to go. The hard part is going to be keeping it off since I lost it due to starvation. My body is going to want to gain some of that back as soon as I am eating enough again. I am praying I keep it off.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Word for the Year

I keep reading about this, choosing a word for your year. The idea behind this is, that the one word should represent your goals and what you need to do for the year. It should be prayed about and thought about.  It shouldn't be taken lightly. Well, I cannot narrow mine down to just one word, I have chosen two... I have chosen the word, "balance" and the word, "health".  I totally need balance in my life. I am really bad about committing myself to too much and then suffering for it. The reason I had a major relapse in my health is because I over committed last year and I was unable to focus on my health and got overly stressed out. The other word, "health" is also something I need to concentrate on.  My health is getting worse, not better and I am concerned about my future if I don't do something now. So those are my words for the year. Those are the things that I believe God wants me to work on. So what about you? What is your word for the year?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wahooo! 11 Pounds Lost!

Yep! I have lost 11 pounds so far in the last 3 weeks. Ok, I know that is way too fast and I know being sick is a horrible way to loose weight, but I am still happy for the weight loss!  I now have only 9 more pounds to go. That does not seem so insurmountable! This is not just about trying to look good, I have to keep the weight off because I am diabetic.  And I am still praying for my health to recover and trying to take care of myself. So I am praising God that I will not have as far to go now. :)